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  • Net It and Forget It!

    Posted on by IHH Staff

    Would you like your hair extension hair style to hold a little longer? Have you tired wearing a weaving net? Do you want to get your money out of that sew-in? I know I do!

    Wearing a weave net can help your extension style last 2 to 3 months; depending on how you maintenance your style. It is a sturdy alternative to just simply sewing the hair directly to your braided hair. Ever since I started wearing hair extensions, years ago, I’ve always worn a net. It gives you an opportunity to braid all your hair and have it protected from heat that you may apply to your style. The net is recommended for those who want less stress on their natural hair as well as for women that have experience hair loss, thin or thinning, and damaged hair in need of repair. Just make sure that you or your stylist purchases a breathable net so that your hair is not holding heat or moisture that could lead to a fungal growth on your scalp.

    So try a weaving net cap, it’s an easy installation and removal, then love your hair extensions to their true lifespan!

    Until the next blog,

    Loving Hair! 

    View of a weaving net below: 
    Weaving Net

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  • We Heart: Moroccanoil Intense Curling Cream

    Posted on by IHH Staff

    So, do you heart I Heart Hair, Inc. curly hair extensions? If so, you have got to check out Moroccanoil Intense Curling Cream. I know you will heart it as much as we do! <3. This product is a must for defining your curls and losing the frizziness. The best part of this product is that it leaves the hair soft, shinny (but not oily) and smelling great!

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