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  • We Heart: Mane Choice Hair Manetabolism Plus Vitamins

    Posted on by I Heart Hair

    We heart Mane Choice Hair Manetabolism Plus Vitamins! Want to kick your hair growth into high gear? These pills aid in healthy hair growth but beautiful skin, strong nails and strengthens your immune system. You will need at least a 3-month supply to start seeing growth and change.

    Definitely worth the investment at $25.99 or you can get a subscription for a discounted rate per bottle at

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  • Old Bun New Twist

    Posted on by IHH Staff


    With the weather warming up fast, you might want a cute hairstyle that is off of your face and neck. A bun achieves this perfectly. But aren't you tired of the plain old bun? Heres how to do a sexy spring bun hairstyle with an exciting twist! 

    1) Start by coming your hair and getting all tangles out. 
    2) Part a piece in the back of your hair to begin braiding. Than braid hair in one braid starting from the bottom and braiding upward until you get right at the top of your head. 
    3) Put rest of hair into a scrunchy. Pull hair through but stop right before hair is pulled all the way through, making a loose bun. 
    4) Make made bun into a more defined bun by bobby pinning ends of already made bun down. Bobby pin and play with it until you achieve desired look. 

    There you go! Everyone will wonder how you achieved such an awesome look and in only 4 steps!  

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  • Retro Curls

    Posted on by IHH Staff

    Retro hair curls are beautiful and classy ways to show off your femininity. Not to mention achieving this hollywood glamorous  look is timeless.These curls are known by many other names such as vintage 40's curls, or pin-up curls. Retro hair curls can be done by wrapping your hair around flexy rods and wearing them overnight, or by the pin process. Below is an description on how to achieve the pin curls:
    * your hair should be completely straight from root to tip. Use your fingers to create a curl with your hair going upward, piece by piece, until the curl lays flat against your scalp. Hold your hair curl against your scalp and pin the hair down so that it stays in place. Repeat this process until all of the hair you want for your retro hair curls are pinned. Protect this style overnight with a bonnet. 
    If you want to obtain long lasting retro curls visit and purchase the Brazilian body wave to achieve this look. Retails for as low as $60 per bundle
    Available lengths:


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