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  • Best Lip Colors for 2015

    Posted on by IHH Staff

    Don't forget to spring clean your make-up bag too. After making room for your shorts, halter tops, sandals, and sunglasses, make room for new lip color! It's time to put the deeper hues away and add a touch of sunshine to your lips. There are a few colors that are ideal for everyone to have in their make-up bag for spring and summer. Candy apple red is a brighter shade of your favorite red lip stick. It still makes a statement and is sexy.  Pale pink is also a great color to add to your collection. Pale pink gives you just the right amount of contrast without make a statement. Crush berry adds fun to your lips with a almost purple undertone. Lastly, tangy tangerine is a high energy color that looks good with any skin type and is fun and flirty.

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