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  • How to: Properly Remove Make-Up

    Posted on by IHH Staff

    Do you feel like you still  a layer of make-up on once its been removed? Well here are a few tips that may help you achieve that clean feeling once make-up has been removed and you have cleansed your skin. 

    Mascara and eye-liner are the hardest to get off since the skin around the eyes is sensitive. Cotton balls leave fibers behind, so use a cotton pad with an oil based remover. Close your eyes and hold them over your lids and lashes for about ten seconds to give the remover time to dissolve the waxes before wiping.

    Your daily cleanser should be sufficient to take off foundation and blush. Massage the cleanser over your face and let it sit for 15 seconds, and don't forget your hairline, under your chin, and around your ears. Then wipe with a wet, white cotton washcloth, so you can really see that all the makeup is gone.

    A cotton pad soaked in liquid or cream makeup remover should take off most lipsticks. You need an oily formula only if the lipstick is long-wearing or intensely pigmented.

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