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  • 7 Layering Tips for a Chilly Day

    Posted on by IHH Staff

    1.    Mix a maxi skirt and a mini jacket.

    This style is all about proportions. Try a trendy, long skirt with a slim-cut jacket.

    2.   Pile Bright Colors on top of Each Other.

    Jewel tones are a huge trend this season!

    3.   Rock Your Shorts Like a Skirt

    Pair shorts with tanks, jackets/blazers, and pumps. Add tights and boots on colder nights.

    4.   Wear an Oversized Sweater with Skinny Jeans

    Wear a big, comfortable top followed with skinny jeans underneath.

    5.    Wear a Blazer and Scarf Instead of a Coat

    Pair with a cute pair of oxfords, an oversized black blazer and a neatly-wrapped scarf.

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