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  • We Heart: OPI Washington D.C. Nails

    Posted on by I Heart Hair

    Top favored nail lacquer company OPI has teamed up with Golden Globe winning actress Kerry Washington for their Washington D.C. collection. This of course spurred from Kerry's connection to the nations capital while filming the hit show Scandal. The D.C. collection represents strength and vision, with 15 shades that reflects one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. The collection palette reflects a sophisticated twist on classic fall shades such as winter squash, crimson reds, earthy browns, rustic gold, dusky blue, and lush greens to add a bolt of power to your favorite fall looks. This collection is available via the OPI website or your favorite beauty supply/makeup store! 

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  • Now Trending: Duster Coats x Denim

    Posted on by Halle Williamson

    With a hint of fall in the air, many are starting to look into their wardrobe and say, what can I wear with rising and falling temperatures. Well, two of this years summer to fall items that have the internet and fashion world going crazy are embellished/patched denim and duster coats. I'm sure we are clear on the denim, but duster coat you may ask what is that? Very similar to a trench coat but lighter fabric, meant to be more for fashion than actually with holding body heat. We've been seeing celebs such as Khole Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, even Beyonce' and Blue Ivy rocking these two items on multiple occasions. Both items can be found at your favorite mall in department stores and places like H&M and Urban Outfitters as well. A decent duster coat will run you around $50 on the low end. With embellished and patched denim, you can always be creative and do it on your own or purchase items for around $50-$60 as well depending on the designer and location. Check out a few looks below! 




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