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  • Perfect Brow Tips!

    Posted on by Halle Williamson

    Ladies, we know how important it is for our eyebrows to be on point every time we step out right? But sometimes, we just need to freshen them up a little for our everyday routine. Below are a few simple tips to keep your eyebrows in tip top shape daily!

    Give Yourself Guidelines: Use your eyebrow pencil go give angle and arch to your eyebrows.

    Brush Upward: Using a spoolie, brush the eyebrow hairs into shape for defined volume! (these eyebrows brushes may be found at your local pharmacy) 

    Tweeze/Trim Stray Hairs: You know the hairs that just won't stay in place? It's safe to trim or tweeze these out of the picture. 

    Fill In Open Spaces: Make sure to use your eyebrow pencil to shade in all open spaces. but do not overfill the brow, make sure the tail end of the brow gives the tapered off effect.

    Go For A Mirrored Effect: We have all had the times where we do our eyebrows and we think they are perfect but, one ends up looking better than the other. Try your hardest to go for a mirrored effect when doing the other brow. 


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  • How to Fill-in Eyebrows

    Posted on by IHH Staff

    Eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face; they are incredibly expressive, draw attention to your eyes, and add dimension to your face. If you suffer from brows that are too light or very sparse, you can easily fix your situation by filling them in! Using some basic makeup techniques, you'll be on your way to ideal eyebrows in no time. 

    Create the arch in your brow. Use your pencil or brush to find the best place for your natural arch in your brow. (Top and bottom)

    Options for eyebrow fillers include a brow pencil, brow powder, or a brow cream/gel. Powders create the most natural look while pencils offer a more defined look. Match the color of your filler to your natural hair color. 

    Use a spoolie brush or a clear brow gel to brush through your eyebrows. This will pick up excess color and distribute it evenly as you put your hairs in line

    This is an optional step. If you want to clean your brows, you can highlight under the brow. It creates a clean and more arched look.

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