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  • WE HEART: MyFitnessPal app

    Posted on by IHH Staff

    Do you lose weight by counting calories? If so, MyFitnessPal app available on most smart phone devices FREE and makes keeping calorie count fast & simple.

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  • How to Keep Flawless Skin all Year-long

    Posted on by IHH Staff

    Want flawless skin but none of those cleansers seem to work for you? Try some of these diet changes to see clear result.

    ·       No White Stuff:  Say goodbye to white breads, pasta, and potatoes. Introduce whole wheat in your diet to see skin improvements.

    • Say Yes to Seafood: Fish with lots of essential fatty acids fight off acne. Try salmon or tuna as a meat replacement and kiss those blemishes goodbye.

    • Add Olive Oil: We're all afraid of fat, but not getting enough of it can cause the skin to break out. Sprinkle olive oil on salad to help your body absorb Vitamin A, which helps the skin prevent aging.

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  • Never Too Late For That Flat Belly

    Posted on by IHH Staff

    The summer is almost over, but it is never too late to get that flat belly that you have always wanted!
    Did you know there are many foods that actually work to reduce belly fat? Well here are a few listed

    1.     Raspberries (as well as strawberries and blueberries) are packed with fiber, which keeps you feeling full longer (and—ahem—more regular). Plus they are packed with vitamin C, which is good for your immune system as well as your skin.

    2.  Kale is a natural anti-inflammatory; it helps reduce bloat and it also revs up the metabolism because it is a flavanoid Eat up!

    3. Oatmeal maintains blood sugar levels so you don’t crash and binge. Plus it’s full of fiber so it will keep you satiated.

    4.  Low-fat yogurt not only has calcium, but it is also a pro-biotic that fights fat storage and prevents bloat. 

    5.   Almonds are packed with healthy fats that reduce food cravings while building muscle. Consider almonds the ultimate power snack.

    6.  Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which help bump up your metabolism so your body burns fat faster and more efficiently. 

    7. Watermelon is—just as you expected—full of water (about 92% to be exact). It actually helps flush extra water from your system, which in turn reduces puffiness. 

    8. Garlic is a magical thing. It helps reduce fat in the liver, it detoxifies and it lessens bloating. To maximize its benefits, take a few fresh slivers of garlic and sandwich them between two thinly sliced apple wedges and smear them with a little honey. Eat this before bed to reap all the benefits.

    9.   Avocado is loaded with lots of healthy fats that burn fat while providing your body with energy.  
    10. Quinoa is a magical whole grain that is packed with protein (11 grams for just a half cup) and fiber so it keeps you feeling full longer.  

    Hopefully these help! Tell us some of your favorite foods or recipes that you use to demolish that unwanted belly fat!

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  • Work it Out while at Work?

    Posted on by IHH Staff

    Here are a few quick workout tips that can be done at your desk!

    Exercise One: Side Stretches: With your arms over your head or hands placed on hips, lean from side to side several times throughout the day to build a strong core.

    Exercise Two: Arm Raises: To prevent carpel tunnel, back strains, or other ailments; you can do arm raises and stretches. This will also reduce that stubborn fat that jiggles every time you wave!

    Exercise Three: Butt Squeezes: Simply squeeze and release butt muscles several times.

    Exercise Four: Leg Lifts: At your desk, you can easily straighten your knees and lift your legs out in front of you. You can also march with your feet in place. This will exercise the large muscles in your legs. For easy calf exercises, you can raise your feet up on the toes and lower them.

    Exercise Five: Stress Reliever: Although all of these exercises help to reduce stress, there are a few that directly target stress. Stretch your neck, and rotate head from side to side; this reduces the stress on the back. Stretching arms outward, and bending hands at wrist relieve stress on hands to prevent carpal tunnel and pain that can be caused by typing.

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  • Suffer From Allergies? Diet Against Them!

    Posted on by IHH Staff

    If you are an allergy sufferer like many, you know it can be very challenging finding the right treatment! Well here are a few suggestions from the Readers Digest.

    1. Choose chicken, not beef!! A study found that people who had the most trans-oleic* acid in their diets were nearly three times as likely to have hay fever as those who ate the least.
    2. Eat an orange every morning. They’re rich in vitamin C, a natural antihistamine. Some studies link low vitamin C levels with allergies.
    3. Avoid monosodium benzoate. A Study found this preservative triggered sneezing and itchy nose in adults without allergies. It’s often found in juices, pickles, olives, and salad dressings.
    4. Sip green. Japanese scientist identified a compound (ECGC) in the brew that blocks a key cell receptor involved in producing an allergic response. 

    *A form of mono-unsaturated fat found in red meat and dairy product.

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