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With summer rapidly approaching, we wanted to share a few style tips that can ensure you are stepping out looking fabulous as ever.

Mind Your Fabrics- Linen, silk, rayon, and jersey are all top fabrics for the summer to ensure that you are keeping cool while making a fashion statement! Linen is always a great choice for the spring & summer months.

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Pastels & Light Hues- Embrace the sunshine with pastel colors and light hues such as yellow, beige, white, pink, and lighter blues. These light colors keep you cool and tend to center all outfits when coming together.

Always Accessorize-  This summer it is all about accessorizing on your simple and natural outfits (movies, lunch dates, meet ups, etc). A statement making necklace, watch, or pair of earrings can shift the attention of simplicity to extravagance!