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Nailah Ellis-Brown began Ellis Island Tea living in her mother's basement selling it as an old Jamaican family recipe passed down by her great grandfather. This recipe was given to Nailah's father and told "This recipe is to be sold, not told," well that is exactly what Nailah did. She turned her entrepreneurial hustle into a business that now has products in Whole Foods and other stores across the United States, around 100 full-time employees and around $100,000 in revenue annually over the past few years. Ellis Island Tropical Tea is an all natural, antioxidant-rich hibiscus tea that continues Nailah's family tradition, brewed and bottled in Detroit. Ellis Island & Nailah have been featured by the Forbes 30 under 30 list, Crains 20 in 20's, Detroit News, World Tea News, and Edible WOW. Mrs. Brown puts a major emphasis on family and her community in addition to her ever growing business. She states in her interview with Crains, "One thing about me that people would be surprised to know is that I have a strong passion for helping others. Particularly youth who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship." By sticking to her family's history and her vision to one day become a entrepreneur, Nailah is embarking to excel in many more years to come. Visit to learn more!