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Washing your makeup brushes is an essential part of your beauty routine. Dirt, oil, and
bacteria get trapped inside the bristles. When those pesky breakouts and clogged pores
show up, blame it on the brushes! Luckily, it’s a quick and easy process. The first step is spritzing a daily brush cleaner on the bristles after each use. Complete a deep cleansing once a week. You will need a shallow bowl, a gentle clarifying shampoo, your sink, and a lint free cloth. Run the brushes under lukewarm water first. Fill the bowl with water and a little shampoo while gently swirling the brushes inside. Rinse the bristles again and repeat the process from the beginning until the brushes get to a neutral condition. Use a cloth to wipe the brushes clean and lay on a cloth to dry and voila, just like magic they look good as new!