Posted on by Halle Williamson

It is safe to say that just about every woman in America would love a good secret or two on
maintaining clear & blemish free skin. We want to offer a few basic tips in addition to some
substitutions to your daily skin regimen. There are many options such as a simple face wash,
cleanser or cream that can be found at your local pharmacy or grocery store. But, you may opt out and possibly save a few dollars by using things that you already have at home or can purchase for less than $3-$5. Check out a few suggestions & tips below.
  • Water: In addition to your body staying hydrated, make sure to drink between 6 to 10
    glasses of water daily to detoxify your skin and body.
  • Moisturize: This is needed daily with a oil-free and alcohol-free moisturizer, especially
    before applying makeup. Make sure to exfoliate your skin daily to really get deep under
    your pores for a nice smooth touch!
  • Watch What You Eat: The saying you are what you it is very true, make sure that you are
    putting plenty of vitamins into your system such as vitamin C and vitamin E
  • Create something different: We know this may sound a little weird but, to your surprise
    lemon juice can give your face much needed hydration and cleansing leaving you a nice
    natural glow. You may also mix lemon juice with a few drops of coconut water to make a
    moisturizer or even with water and teach tree oil on a cotton ball to make cleansing
  • Rest: Make sure you are getting a maximum 8 hours of sleep each night. Not only do our
    bodies get tired but our faces do too! Being well rested not only makes you feel great but
    look great too!