Posted on by IHH Staff

Of course we HEART our hair extensions but what do we HEART even more…own natural HAIR!!  So while we are rocking our extensions, we want to protect and grow our own hair as well. Check out some ways to keep your natural hair healthy:
  • DON’T STRESS IT: Stress can have an intense effect on your hair. No matter the situation, any increase in stress can contribute to hair loss. 
  • AVOID FAD DIETS:  Fad diets and yo-yo dieting can be highly detrimental to your hair. Starving your body of essential nutrients makes hair brittle and weak. Make sure your hair is getting everything it needs, by eating a healthy and well-rounded diet. 
  • LET IT BE: When it comes to hair, over-processing can do the same thing. Perms, highlights, and blowouts can all severely contribute to hair breakage and damage. 
  • KEEP THINGS REGULAR: Timely trims will ensure that your hair keeps its luster. If you frequently visit your stylist, they’ll tackle those split ends, and your hair will  look healthy and vibrant. 
  • STAY FIT: Exercise isn’t just good for your figure; it’s great for your hair. Regular workouts increase blood circulation that benefits your scalp.