Posted on by IHH Staff

Here are 9 ways to keep beautiful glowing skin this winter: 

1.   Switch it up:
·         During the winter months put aside oil-fighting cleansers, toners, moisturizers and treatments and start using hydration-boosting products.
2.   Keep active:
·         Continue having an active life by taking in lots of water and exercising.
3.   Watch the temperature:
·         Don’t turn up the heat in the tub or shower. Hot water will dehydrate your skin.
4.   Wash and glow:
·         Keep exfoliating year-round to keep your glow factor. Reveal brighter, younger skin cells by using a glycolic acid cleanser rather than a grainy scrub.
5.   Don’t skip the SPF:
·         Sunscreen is a year-round necessity. Ultraviolet rays will replace your natural glow with discoloration, dryness, and eventually, wrinkles.
6.   Fight the flakes:
·         By using a heavier moisturizer. Apply it morning and night to the face and neck area and spot-treat as needed to quench dry spots, soothe and restore.
7.   Oil it up:
·         Applying oil to skin helps impart the glow that everyone wants. The quickest way to fake glowing skin is to use a good facial oil. It will give you a healthy shine, not a greasy look. Oils help nourish the skin from the inside out and actually help balance and control natural oil production.
8.   Nutrients:
·         A healthy diet is the key to healthy glowing skin; eat clean and green.
9.   Humidify it:
·         Use a humidifier to place moisture in the air to combat the heat and closed windows. The air inside can become very dry in the winter. This can keep skin from drying and becoming cracked and itchy.