Posted on by IHH Staff

The cold winter months can be brutal on your hair. From the dry air to the threat of rain a girl can real have issues keeping a style. So to combat the winter months, we’ve put together a list that can help you keep your hair extensions and your natural hair healthy all winter long.

Winter Do’s and Don’ts:
  • Start with great products. This may be the time that you switch up your routine and invest in some more luxurious products. Moisturizing shampoos & conditioners, hydrating and leave-in products help to keep your hair from drying out (roots to ends). 
  • Incorporate a deep conditioning treatment. We sometimes overdo it with the heat and this is the season for shedding so you want to make sure you’re loving your hair and protecting your cuticles.
  • Take a break from heat… at least no everyday heat. Your hair just can’t handle too much heat in the winter months this leads to excessive damage (breakage and dryness). 
  • Trim those ends. This should go without saying. Your hair will grow healthier with regular trimmings by your stylist.