Posted on by IHH Staff

Which do you prefer? Change it up all the time or make it last for awhile? It is totally up to you if you prefer a glue-in versus a sew-in; they both have advantages and disadvantages. How we put together a quick list for your reference when making the choice…

Glue-in weaves...
  1. Flatter results after installation.
  2. Take less time.
  3. Budget friendly.
  4. Hard maintenance natural hair while wearing a glue-in.
  5. Don’t apply too much oil. This will loosen installation.
  6. Glue may cause damage hair and scalp. Please research what products are being used during installation also make sure you are not allergic to any of the products.

Sew-in weaves...
  1. Can be costly.
  2. Longevity (Last longer).
  3. Time consuming. Plan to take about 2 – 4 hours of your day for installation and styling.
  4. Easier to maintain routine maintenance of your natural and extension hair.
  5. Causes less damage or hair and scalp related issues if installed and maintained properly.

So the choice is yours but always remember to consultant with a licensed-stylist before making a choice on the best application.