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Did you know?

  • Raw potatoes contain potassium to take away dark under eye circles. To reduce the under eye circles, cut the potato into slices and place on each eye.
  • To extend the wear of your perfume, apply a very thin layer of Vaseline to your skin. Oil holds perfume scents longer than dry skin
  • To lighten age spots and sun-damaged skin, mix the juice of 1 lemon, 1 lime, 2 tablespoons of honey, and 2 ounces of plain yogurt. Gently massage into each spot. Use at least once a week
  •  If you have thin lips, applying a little bit of orange or red lip gloss/ lip stick to the center of your lips to make the lips appear fuller.
  • Crisco (yes from the can), can be used as a moisturizer or make up remover. Some hospitals even use this to treat psoriasis or eczema.