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                                            Titanium Flat Irons Vs. Ceramic Flat Irons

 Not a stylist, but want a nice flat iron for everyday use? Are you debating which would be most beneficial for your healthy hair? Well here is a quick difference between the two most popular flat irons, and hopefully you find the one that you heart the most!

 Ceramic is a non-metallic, non-corrosive inorganic material that is usually baked onto the iron's aluminum base plates in thin layers, although pure ceramic plates are also available. Ceramic irons are more common than titanium irons, so it's possible to find them in more stores, models and price ranges. Many prefer ceramic, because it provides less heat damage.

 Titanium is a lustrous, low-density, lightweight metal derived from igneous rock, known for its strength and high-temperature stability. Titanium is corrosion resistant, conducts heat more evenly and heats up faster than ceramic. Also, titanium has a higher ionic output than ceramic, leaving hair shinier, according to

 Price Difference: High quality irons with 100 percent ceramic plates can cost over $300. Many of these high quality irons can be found in stores such as Marshalls or TJ Maxx for a lower price, but same name brand. Titanium irons range typically from $50 to $150, and mini irons, made for travel and short hair are around $30.

 All heat styling products can lead to hair damage if used to frequently. High quality products apply more controlled, and consistent heat to avoid heat damage. Which flat iron do you prefer?