Posted on by IHH Staff

Let’s face it, ladies - we all felt some type of way when men started dressing more like women. When men starting rocking bags bigger than ours and stuffing themselves into jeans skinnier than ours, it was time for payback. 
Now women all across the globe are shaking things up by embracing menswear fashions in feminine ways and here are the top five menswear trends that ladies have successfully adapted for their own use. 

1) Bow Ties: Bow ties are certainly not only for the guys anymore. Some ladies wear bow ties the traditional way - with a button up shirt and perhaps a blazer - while other women are getting a little more creative with the menswear trend. Feel free to pair your bow tie with a cute dress to give your menswear look a little more of a feminine touch. 

2) Oxford Shoes: Oxford shoes used to only be for men on GQ covers, but ladies have snatched the shoes for themselves and made them surprisingly sexy. From shorts to cuffed boyfriend jeans there aren’t many looks that ladies haven’t paired Oxford flats successfully. 

3) Tuxedos: Yes the epitome of men’s wear has been sliding into women’s closets everywhere. The feminine tuxedos are usually cut a little differently to help show off a ladies curves, but as Janelle Monae has demonstrated time and time again... anything men can wear, ladies can wear better and that includes tuxedos. 

4) Baggy Pants/Boyfriend Jeans: While guys were busy stealing our skinny jeans trend, we were busy snatching their jeans and pairing them with classic pumps for a great casual look. Boyfriend jeans are usually cuffed at the bottom to prevent that dreadful drag that you get with most baggy pants, not to mention the fact that it just looks better that way. 

5) Men’s Watches: Once upon a time ladies were supposed to wear only the small petite watches and watch charm bracelets while men were supposed to rock the huge blinged out watches that looked like expensive dinner plates. Well, not anymore. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and several other ladies in the entertainment industry have been spotted out and about wearing large, bulky watches that are usually deemed to be for a man’s arm only. When you’re making more money than the men around you why not rub it in a little by buying the watches they wish they had?