Posted on by IHH Staff

Winter is still here and your skin is feeling dry ,uncomfortable, and itchy. What do you do? Here are a few of tips that will help..

Drink Water
Hydrate your skin from within by drinking lots of water. Carry a bottle with you when you go outside. Herbal tea is also great when it’s really cold. Your skin will soon have a healthy glow. So drink up and don’t let your skin go thirsty.

A good scrub and facial exfoliate can help remove dead skin cells from your body. Add this to your cleansing routine once a week. Not only will you feel fresh but your skin will be free from all that old dry cells.

Oil-Based Moisturizer
This will help protect your skin from moisture loss. Choose one that comes in an ointment form as it will contain 80% oil. Creams and lotions may tend to dry out the skin rather than keep it moisturized and soft.

Why expose your hands to the cold. Choose a good quality pair that does not irritate the skin. It will help keep your hands dry and warm.

Oil Bath
Now how does a jojoba oil or sweet almond bath sound to you? You don’t have to keep these for holidays. Nourish you skin by adding a few drops of these oils into your every day bath. It will do wonders for your skin.